Alison and Andrea met in 2021 and realised that they shared a vision to share easy to use science based tools to enhance resilience and wellbeing. Alison's background in education and cognitive science and Andrea's expertise in behaviour science and neurobiology connect to create something more user friendly and impactful.

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M.Ed, M.A, P.G.C.E, PG Dip

Andrea career started in London and in 2002 her husband’s work took them overseas. She has spent much of the last 19 years in New York, Brussels, Washington DC & Houston; she now lives in North Yorkshire.

The experience of 6 international moves with 4 children taught her much about the powerful impact of stress on health, learning and wellbeing, Her personal struggle with burnout, fuelled her journey to understand what changes she could make.

It was her research and training in the areas of self-regulation and neurobiology that have been most impactful and forms the basis of her approach, if it’s not evidenced-based it doesn’t get shared.  

Her compassionate but pragmatic approach is what attracts businesses and individuals, for her it’s not about fixing people, it’s about empowering them to develop the curiosity, mindset and tools to help themselves.

In additional to her Masters from the Universities of London and Glasgow, she has 30 years of teaching and coaching experience in the UK and the USA.  She is a certified facilitator for the Dr Shanker’s Self-Reg Method® and a mindfulness educator.  

She works with leadership and management teams across different industries and sectors to empower people to make the changes that most impact their behaviour, health and performance impacting workplace wellbeing and culture


Her background in academia ensures she has gravitas but her delivery is always interactive, practical and engaging.



B.A, P.G.C.E, PG Dip

Alison began her professional career as a History teacher in secondary schools.   She has since worked for 28 years in education both in primary and secondary settings (and across all year groups) undertaking a range teaching, pastoral and governor roles. 

Her particular area of expertise is neurodiversity and challenging behaviour and how to motivate and inspire students that need something different that the traditional teaching offers.

Alison has also held a number of leadership roles in a variety of schools and continues to teach locally on a part time basis. 

Alison’s approach to helping both individuals and organisations thrive brings together her wealth of knowledge from her teaching experience.  She is passionate about providing the and understanding and tools to enable individuals and business to flourish.

As the parent of three school age children, two with dyslexia, Alison knew she needed to find a different approach to the support  them to be the best version of themselves.  Alison undertook a certified training program in cognitive behaviour.


 The positive impact of this approach on the motivation, self esteem and thinking styles of  the individuals she works with. has been transformational

Alison works with leadership and management teams to create and embed change in individuals’ thinking, behaviour and energy levels. 


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Andrea and Alison run the non-for-profit 'Parent Smart Learning', this delivers training and support to schools and parents in the community. When you work with us, you have the opportunity to support this initiative and enable more people to access our unique training and gain the tools for happy and healthy lives.


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