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I'm Andrea Edmondson, I'm passionate about sharing insights and tools from neuroscience to help people to be their best selves. An understanding of how the brain and nervous system works opens a new world of possibilities to heal, change and grow.  Let me share with you this amazing science so can flourish and share this with others to make our world a better place.

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My Story

My professional career started as a teacher in London but have spent much of the last 30 years living and working in New York, Brussels, Washington DC and Houston, I'm now based in North Yorkshire.

The experience of six international moves with four children taught me much about the powerful impact of excess stress on brain health, wellbeing and performance. My experience of burnout, neurodiversity and challenging behaviour has fuelled my learning journey.  For me neuroscience has change the way I see the world, with this lens I am inspired and empowered to enhance my own wellbeing but also the wellbeing of those around me. 

My knowledge of self-regulation and neurobiology is what informs my approach, if it’s not evidenced-based it doesn't get shared.  I’m insatiably curious, I love to spark ideas and translate the science into easy to understand and actionable steps that support wellbeing, learning and performance.

My compassionate but pragmatic approach is what attracts organisations and individuals, for me it's not about fixing people or workplaces, it’s about helping individuals and organisations to develop the curiosity, mindset and tools to see things differently and use neuroplasticity to change.

In additional to my masters from the Universities of London and Glasgow, I have 30 years of teaching and coaching experience in the UK and the USA. I am a certified facilitator for the Dr Shanker’s Self-Reg Method® and a mindfulness educator. 

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