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A Programme for Young People

This eight-module programme helps young people develop the practical skills needed for happiness, health and high performance in the modern world.  Young people will learn how their body, brain and mind work together to influence how they feel, think and behave. The insights and skills will enable young people to navigate the demands of daily life, relationships, higher education, the workplace and their careers with calmness and confidence.


During the programme you will learn how to

  1. Navigate your nervous system

  2. Build a healthy and fit brain

  3. Reduce and manage stress

  4. Manage moods and mindset

  5. Establish positive relationships

  6. Handle challenging situations

  7. Chart a clear plan

  8. Build helpful habits


The programme includes

  • Eight interactive workshops of 2 to 3 hours

  • Support and guidance above and beyond the workshops

  • Additional resources


How does the programme work?

The modules are delivered in-person and/or virtually, the start date and timing will be arranged to suit the group.  With only a limited number of attendees on each programme, young people will immediately have access to a peer community of like-minded people as well as our highly experience team.  Our programme will offer young adults time away from their everyday life, time to think, review and implement powerful tools and techniques and gain a different perspective without external distractions.


Cost £495.00 p.p

I am running a pilot course in Harrogate starting October in, this will be discounted at £197.50 with 3 free places, these are available on a first come basis.  To register your interest please email or text me:


Andrea Edmondson

0790 197 0159

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