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When we use a neuro-informed approach to behaviour and wellbeing everything changes...

How people behave is crucial to school culture. When everyone feels safe, respected and valued, people flourish, when they don't people flounder


A myriad of things impact how people behave, some are obvious others are hidden. When we look at behaviour and wellbeing holistically we can find the root causes and explore effective sustainable solutions.

Starting with a free discovery call over zoom or in-person if you're in or near to Yorkshire. We'll chat about your school and vision and discuss how we can work together


Our discussion will help me to understand potential next steps, this could be whole school work around values and behaviour, staff training or coaching for your teams or students.

Business Meeting


 Staff wellbeing is inextricably linked to student wellbeing.  A neuroscience informed approach enable your staff to...

  • Improve their own wellbeing

  • Understand behaviour

  • Support self-regulation

  • Co-regulate students 

  • Enhance teaching and learning

School staff will be able to use their neuroscience lens to shift their mindset from command and control to compassion and influence.

If your school is new to me I will start with a free discovery call to find out about the needs of your school, staff and students. I will suggest ways I can support you to be neuro-informed, this might include whole school training days, training programmes or Train the Trainer packages 

The science is clear, how we relate to others dramatically impacts how the brain develops and functions throughout life. Schools have both the opportunity and responsibility to ensure staff, students and parents are neuro-informed.


Team High Five


When there is a need, I can work with students and critical adults 1:1 or a small group to understand and remedy behaviour and mental health challenges.

I start with observations and conversations and then create an individualised plan to support the student.

During 1:1 sessions I help students


Respond effectively to
life’s challenges and build resilience.

Access learning and cognition, enable grea
ter confidence

Build positive social relationships, connect and collaborate with others to feel safe

Be NeuroSmart is a 8 step neuro-informed programme to support students one to one or in small groups it is available in-person or virtually. 

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