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Comprehensive Approach

For small and medium sized enterprises we offer a bespoke service to support you in creating an integrated wellbeing framework to energise and empower your people, creating a culture where people and business thrive

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A ton of scientific research into wellbeing and performance shows why developing a culture of wellbeing is critical. Progressive leaders are recognising that the old business model is not working. They are in desperate need to change the way they live and work in order to not just survive but thrive. They also know they can’t really afford to be putting off addressing underlying causes for burn out, the related retention issues, and lack of engagement, and that individuals they lead also need a more peaceful, productive and healthy work environment.


Step One 

We schedule conversations with your leadership team, collect data using an independent wellbeing company and host focus groups.  Many wellbeing initiatives fail because there is a mismatch between what leadership think employees want and what they value

Step Two

We will present the finding to your leadership team and provide a written report outlining your options and recommend next steps

Step three

We will deliver a range of in-person learning experiences to empower your staff. 

Step Four

We will evaluate the impact of the initiatives and if required offer further support