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 Masterclass for Coaches

A unique masterclass empowering you to integrate neurobiological approach

Why a neurobiological approach?

All too often, we jump in to solve challenges by going straight to the brain, and in doing so, miss a crucial step. The nervous system is fast becoming an essential core territory for leaders and coaches as we grasp how our body state influences our brain and behaviour. 

Why Polyvagal?

Polyvagal Theory provides a new lens through which to view the behaviours we see in ourselves and our clients. It provides an updated map of the autonomic nervous system to explain how our autonomic nervous work to keep us safe. This neurobiological framework provides an innovative way to understand the impact of stress, enhance resilience and promote wellbeing. 

Why this masterclass?

I speak with so many coaches who want to integrate neuroscience and innovative tools into their  coaching practice, but they have limited time for learning and development and/or budget constraints. I understand, there are so many excellent courses out there, however, they're often long and expensive, this is why I have created a half-day masterclass providing you with the essential information you need to plus an easy to use framework.  It's easier than you think to integrate this innovative approach seamlessly into your practice.


This 4-hour live, interactive masterclass will provide you with:


  • A foundational understanding of the neurophysiological drivers of behaviour through a Polyvagal lens

  • An easy to integrate framework to use with clients

  • The opportunity to apply the science and strategies in real time


This innovative approach will help you empower your clients to:


  • Unlock their nervous system so they can shift to a state that supports action and change

  • Be more open to your coaching expertise

  • Have more energy to achieve their goals


Please note this masterclass is limited to a maximum of 4 people


Here’s what you get

  1. A preliminary one to one chat so I can understand your current approach and challenges you face

  2. A 4-hour live interactive masterclass 

  3. A one to one follow up session to address any queries you may have 

  4. Access to valuable resources 

  5. The wisdom and support of your masterclass group

Investment: £370.00

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