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Boost your brain by moving more

Research indicates it is not the amount of sitting we do at work but the amount of sitting we do at home that is most closely linked to negative health outcomes.

Here are some ways to help yourself

  1. Walk for 20 minutes before work, at lunch time or after work to offset inactive time. Walking reduces stress hormones, boosts energy and blood flow to the brain delivering more oxygen and hormones such as BDNF, which help you make new brain cells.

  2. Move more during the day-aim for 2-3 minute every hour, set an alarm on your computer or phone to help you with this or just drink more water so you need to go to the loo!

  3. Trying sitting in different ways-squatting, kneeling, cross legged on a stool or medicine ball, this helps us use different muscles than when we sit in a chair with a back

  4. Make time for moderate and high intensity physical activity, this could be cleaning, running, gardening or workouts.

  5. If you have to sit, fidget! tap you feet, bounce your legs, roll your shoulders, wriggle...

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