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Stress shows up in our behaviour, thoughts, emotions and physical health.

The human brain and body is hardwired to respond to challenges and threats, some systems are switched on, for example our heart beats faster and some are switched off; our digestion slows. The stress response ensures we have the best chance of survival. However, our modern world has a myriad of stressors and many of them trigger the same response as a coming face to face with a lion.

When our ancestors sensed a threat is was typically a predator, this required a physical response- to run away- 'flight' or a 'fight'. Modern threats are different; they are threats to our ego, financial security, relationships but rarely our lives. However, the brain and body response in the same way as if they were real. The constant stream of stressors from all areas of our lives keep our stress response system switched on. Many of us are not aware that we are 'over stressed' these feeling of busyness, adrenaline rush, fatigue have been normalised. Being in a state of fight and flight is not normal and it has a negative effects on our mental and physical health. The diagram below shows the effect of chronic stress on long term health. Developing stress awareness, understanding stress and learning how to find calm empower people to flourish. Join a free workshop to find out how you can help yourself.

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