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Want bright ideas to
boost your teams?

Inspirational training

to improve individual and organisational resilience 



toolkits improve 

resilience in just

six weeks

If you want your people to feel and perform at their best, we can help... 

Often, it's best to start with an initial call

Is your organisation
challenges with...

  • Spending additional time and energy dealing with poor workplace relationships?


  • Your people feeling overloaded and tired of change?

  •  Quiet quitting?

  • Employees experiencing poor health and wellbeing?

  • Retention of talent?

£45 billion

is lost each year in employee sick days and staff turnover 

Quiet quitting leads to worldwide company losses of up to £1.2 trillion each year

35-55% of chronic disease; heart disease, stroke and diabetes are linked to stress at work

We can

  • Develop the skills for healthy relationships​

  • Feel understood and valued

  • Take control of their physical and mental health

  • Have the energy and mindset to perform at their best

  • Have a healthy work environment 

Here are some solutions to consider...


Our workshops provide insights and practical tools from neuroscience to enhance health, relationships and mindset to foster long term individual and organisational resilience. 

Full or half day session, in-person or online

45 to 90-minute bite sized sessions, online or in-person sharing insights and actionable tools to boost health, mindset and performance.
suitable for all levels of the organisation



When coaching is integrated with in-house training, new learning, mindsets and behaviours are embedded into daily activities and interactions more effectively.

 Groups or 1:1 - in-person or online


Matt Knibbs 
Head of People & Culture, Millennium Support

We wanted to be proactive and support our managers to consider the impact of stress & burnout – particularly in light of COVID-19 and the sector that we operate in. Andrea has a knack of simplifying the “why” we respond in the way we do and does it in a memorable way, highlighting actionable hints & tips. Our teams thoroughly enjoyed the sessions, discussions and insight that Andrea provided.

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