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Executive Brain Health Coaching 

A comprehensive brain health coaching program to educate and support executives have better brain health, improve their performance prevent brain health issues such as anxiety, depression, insomnia and dementia


Coaching sessions can in-person, via a Zoom or a combination

NeuroSmart Brain Health Program

Available as a 6 or 12 month coaching program to educate and empower executives to the work needed to improved their brain health and performance. You will learn how your body, brain and mind work together to influence how you feel, think and behave. Your intake and assessment and sessions will indicate where you will get the biggest return on investment, we will start there 

My approach is comprehensive covering physiological and psychology aspects of wellbeing and performance. I will help you discover what changes you can make, why they help and how you can implement them into your daily life to achieve the outcome you desire.

Please note: This program takes commitment to hard work and patience, it is not a quick fix, new neural pathways in your brain need lots of repetition before they become easier and automatic.  If you are not ready to do the work this program is not for you!

STEP ONE- A discovery conversation (complementary)

I find out where you are and where you want to go and we see if we are a good fit for each other.


We dig deeper into where you are, you current situation and stressors and your wellbeing goals. I use this information to put together a roadmap of the steps needed to help you reach your wellbeing and performance goals. This roadmap will be different for each client, it might include work around things like sleep, food and nutrition, movement, brain health and relaxation.


I guide you step by step on your wellbeing journey. I share insight and tools from neuroscience to help you understand and change your body and brain so that you can create new patterns and behaviours.


Through a combination of education and coaching you will learn practical strategies, the science of how and why these work, and how to action the strategies using tips from behavioural neuroscience. I will provide you with resources, supporting you and holding you accountable each step of the way. 

We start with weekly sessions and reduce the frequency as you establish your new practices.

Investment: £2345.00

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