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NeuroSmart Power Hour

Are you a pioneer?

I believe forward thinking leaders, coaches and educators are the pioneers who will transform our society from one that ignores the brain and nervous system to one that learns its mechanisms thereby enhancing their own wellbeing and the lives of others.

Why a neurobiological approach?

All too often, we jump in to solve challenges by going straight to the brain, and in doing so, miss a crucial step. The nervous system is fast becoming an essential core territory for leaders, coaches and educators as we grasp how our body state influences our brain and behaviour.

Who are these workshops for?

Anyone who is interested in exploring new ways to solve wellbeing and performance challenges using the latest neuroscience.

What will I gain from attending?

  • Neurobiological insights to apply to your life and work

  • Practical tools to support your wellbeing and performance

  • A community of like-minded professionals

When are the workshops?

The first Tuesday of the month starting on 9th April 2024 

At 5pm GMT

How do I book my place?

Please book via the link below

Monthly online workshop for leaders, coaches & educators 

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