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NeuroSmart Power Hour

Are you ready to upgrade your brain? 

Are you ready do see and do things differently? Transformation is possible when you understand how your brain and nervous system work to drive how you feel, think and behave. 

Are you curious about what actions you can take to sculpt your nervous system and brain in ways that promote optimal health and performance?  Then you are in the right place.

All too often, we jump in to solve challenges by going straight to the brain. People say if you think differently, you will feel different, but this misses crucial step.  The nervous system is fast becoming an essential territory people who want to unlock their potential and break free from the mental and physical habits that hold them back.

Who are these workshops for?

Anyone who is interested in exploring new ways to enhance their brain health and performance using the latest neuroscience.

What will I gain from attending?

  • Actionable insights from neuroscience 

  • Practical tools to support your brain health and performance

  • Opportunity to connect with like minded people

When are the workshops?

Once a month on a Tuesday at 12pm and 5pm UK time, to find the date of the next event follow the book now link below

How do I book my place?

Please book via the link below

Monthly online workshop to help people unlock their potential

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