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When I run after what I think I want, my days are a furnace of stress and anxiety; if I sit in my own place of patience, what I need flows to me, and without pain


"We engaged Andrea to design and deliver our leadership team away day and support executives team manage stress. We then invited her to offer a fresh pair of eyes on our culture of wellbeing within the entire organisations. She helped us create an innovative and effective and wellbeing strategy and guide us through the implementation stage.  Andrea has had the ability to see the big picture, engage and support our people and inspire us to do things differently. These changes have impacted recruitment, retention, and made SHG a better place to work".


Jenny Delic, HRD,

Springfield Healthcare Group

I’ve been a coach and consultant for 30 years working in London, New York, Brussels, Washington DC, Houston and now based in North Yorkshire. The experience of working London and six international moves with four children taught me about the powerful impact of stress on wellbeing. My personal struggle with burnout fuelled my journey to find ways to take charge of my wellbeing, improve my brain health and enhance my resilience.

It is cutting edge science that informs my approach. If it’s not evidenced-based it doesn't get shared. I’ve spent thousands of hours researching and training all over the world, so you don't have to. I'm insatiably curious, I love to collaborate, innovate, and provide effective solutions to elevate energy, navigate stress and optimise performance . I'm passionate about what I do and I'm committed to ensuring my services are streamlined and impactful.


My comprehensive search for easy to use, evidenced based solutions, lead me to the explore the role of the nervous system and brain. I have used a Polyvagal lens since 2016 and I believe a neurobiological approach offers a rich, nuanced framework that can be easily applied in a wide range of settings.


I believe that forward thinking leaders are the pioneers who will transform our society from one that ignores the brain and nervous system to one that learns its mechanisms thereby enhancing their own wellbeing and lives of others.


NeuroSmart Learning was created to drive this transformation, to empower leaders to understand the nervous system and brain. Our training equips people with the knowledge and skills to enhance wellbeing and performance and foster environments that promote psychological safety, trust, and collaboration.


NeuroSmart Learning works with purpose-driven, CEOs and founders and their teams, from a variety of sectors, including, health care, education, technology, oil and gas, construction, and law.  


As part of our mission to inspire, educate and empower future leaders we deliver affordable workshops to schools and colleges.

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