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There has never been a more critical time to balance your energy-stress equation  

Our workshops are designed to help you balance your energy-stress equation using a new and compelling neurobiological framework. These sessions take your understanding to a new level and help you make a significant difference in your organisation


When you are equipped with the tools to understand your nervous system and balance you energy and stress, you can apply your leadership skills, build positive relationships and lead corporate behaviour so that everyone is working towards desired goals more effectively.


Designed for C-Suite and Team Leaders, working in distinct groups of dedicated participants, we ensure every attendee leaves with new insights and actionable strategies to elevate their performance and inspire others

Each workshop covers the following areas


Awareness-Develop the ability to notice the inner workings of your nervous system

Exploration- Identify and modify the things that impact your nervous system

Recalibration-Reset your nervous system patterns for health and performance

Connection- Apply your understanding and skills to connect with and influence others


These workshops are for either ½ a day or a full day

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