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Professional Development for Educators 

We are at the cusp of a fabulous change in education. Teachers are going to lead the way in
transforming our society from one that ignores the brain and nervous system to one that
learns its mechanisms thereby enhancing their own and children’s lives. 

Teachers are exhausted; students are struggling; education is out of date; yet there are three
decades of energising, inspiring, up to date brain science that can create healthy, happy,
high-performing schools.

Beyond the Classroom:

Teacher Wellbeing for Enhanced Teaching and Learning

This full day INSET introduces educators to a neurobiological approach to wellbeing, learning and behaviour helping them integrate insights and tools into their daily practice.


This training pulls together the science of stress and safety through a Polyvagal lens, nervous system regulation and the concept of neuroplasticity to help teachers understand the impact of stress on themselves and their students.  A neurobiological approach provides a new set of strategies and tools to use with your students and school community to enhance wellbeing and educational outcomes.


As part of my desire to have social impact, this INSET day is significantly subsidised by the organisations I work with making it affordable to schools, colleges and universities

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